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Contact: Chris Sorensen, Director of Business Development
Headquarters 1301 5th Ave., #1700 Seattle WA 98101 United States Website: https://hiya.com/


As one of the fastest growing mobile startups in the world, Hiya is revolutionizing the way people make and receive phone calls. Hiya enhances the phone experience by providing rich information to help users understand who is calling, to let them block unwanted calls and to provide them with a simplified outbound calling experience directly from the dialer. Through partnerships with leading carriers and smartphone OEMs like AT&T and Samsung, Hiya makes the phone experience better for more than 40 million monthly active users in all 196 countries across the globe.


Liz, Powell, VP of Marketing
Allison, Espiritu, Marketing Manager

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1301 5th Ave., #1700 Seattle WA 98101 United States

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