PACE Member Since April 2020
Product/Service: BPO | ITO | Nearshoring | Offshoring | BI | RPO | RPA | KPO | CCaaS | Digital Transformation | Virtual Contact Centers


Why did you become a PACE member?
PACE is unequivocally one of the world’s foremost customer service and engagement organizations. PACE brings us to the forefront of the best industry stakeholders, resource personnel, vendors and corporate firms. Since joining PACE, we’ve found our networking initiatives flow seamlessly, and we view ourselves as a positive beacon and growing force in the contact center and outsourcing industry.


What do you see as the biggest challenge facing our industry today?|
The ability to adapt to newly evolving technologies such as AI while maintaining the core essence of customer engagement. Moreover, stringent regulations and data privacy laws that make executing certain client campaigns more challenging is also a major challenge facing the industry today.


What would you like to invite your fellow PACE members to contact you about?

Fellow PACE members are welcome to contact us anytime to discuss:

  1. Cutting edge cost-reduction and optimization strategies for corporate firms looking to outsource
  2. Salvaging your mainland corporate operations and averting bankruptcy/insolvency via outsourcing
  3. New niches developing within the contact center, customer engagement and outsourcing sectors
  4. Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating newly evolving technologies within the industry
  5. Collaborating on podcasting, interviews, content creation, publication and media initiatives
  6. Consolidating a solid footprint in the contact center & outsourcing industry particularly, the Caribbean & Central America, Southern Africa, South East Asia & Eastern Europe
  7. Leveraging the rapidly evolving dynamics in geopolitics to build and scale your BPO firm


Anything else you’d like to add?
PACE is a fantastic global organization and we envisage being a constructive force within this organization in helping it achieve all its strategic objectives for both the short and long term.

Frank B. Prempeh II, Chief Executive Officer
The Exchange Tower
130 King Street Street West,
Suite 1800
M5X 2A2
Toll Free: +1 866 327 7078
Direct Line: +1 416 245 8823