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Customer Experience Architecture: Using Agent Insights to Design a Remarkable Experience

In this webinar, explore going beyond technology & data to reach human wisdom. Join PACE and Etech’s Chief Customer Officer Jim Iyoob, as he lays out the architecture needed for human intelligence to meet artificial intelligence to improve your customer experience.

How To Offer Multilingual Contact Center Solutions

In this modern age of chatbots and instant customer service support practices, is a contact center even necessary? Well, yes, because people still like to speak to someone. All these other options are great, and add value, but there inevitably comes a time as a customer when picking up the phone and calling a real person who can walk you through a solution to your requirement is the only thing for it.

And in this globalized world, offering call center support in only one language is just not going to cut it. How then, do you effectively offer multilingual contact center support to your customer base? There are, as always, numerous options, varying in effectiveness and cost:

In-House Multilingual Support Centers

Let’s start with one of the best options. It may be that you want to operate a single contact center from a chosen location. This single contact center will service your […]

Use This Call Center Requirements Checklist To Find The Right Partner

Use This Call Center Requirements Checklist To Find The Right Partner

By Megan Hottman, Operations Manager and Brand Evangelist, Quality Contact Solutions
This call center requirements checklist provides 10 essentials for evaluating potential call center partners. We know how time-consuming and how tedious the process can be to find the best call center for your business, so we’ve made it simple for you. This call center requirements checklist includes points to consider and help guide the decision-making process.
Before you can even get started speaking with call centers, it’s important to understand why you’re looking to a call center partner, to begin with. The clearer you are about your objectives, expectations, and desired outcomes, the easier it will be to weed out those who are not top contenders.

Checklist Item #1: Define The Basics

Before you even begin the search, have a good sense of what you need, or want prior to meeting with and […]

Social Media Ambassador

Welcome to the new PACE Social Media Ambassador Program!  As we continue to grow our association, our services to those impacted by the contact center industry and our influence on relevant legislation, we seek help in raising awareness on PACE news, events and initiatives.   Research proves that businesses and business professionals are utilizing social media as a means for information gathering and sharing, employee recruitment and retention and providing rewards and incentives.  In fact, YouTube and Facebook dominate the market with 94% of Americans using one or both platforms.

One of the core pillars of PACE is partnerships.  We believe in relationship-building and providing opportunities to help highlight and promote our members and the impact they have on our industry.  Becoming a Social Media Ambassador is a unique opportunity to share fresh, industry-related content with your customers and potential customers.  […]

Fonative Supplies Ontario Systems with Trusted Entity Calling Powered by Numeracle

Increases Call Completion Rates to Combat Call Blocking and Robocall Labeling

Lowell, MA — February 11th, 2020 — Fonative, the Compliant CommunicationsTM company, today announced the live customer deployment of its Trusted Entity Calling solution by a Fonative customer, Ontario Systems, a leading provider of receivables management software to healthcare providers, ARM agencies, and government collections departments. This solution is powered by Numeracle, the pioneer of robocall blocking and labeling visibility in the calling ecosystem.

“Since adding Trusted Entity Calling we have seen a measurable increase in the call completion rate in the first month of use,” said Rip Harris, Ontario Systems’ Director of Product Management. “This bodes well as our call center customers need to be able to reach the people they call. Given the rise in robocalls, and numbers being marked as suspicious, having the means to make the outbound numbers trusted will only help their […]