Being a leader is hard. Being a leader during a global pandemic is even harder.

First Contact podcast continues its series Stories of the Call Center with another insightful episode exploring the topic of true leadership with Consultant Expert and CEO, Christa Heibel.

Join us as we explore topics like crisis leadership, mindset and business strategies in the Contact Center industry.

About our Guest

Christa Heibel is one of the most established experts in the Contact Center industry. Her 26+ years of experience as a consultant, her wide portfolio of clients from over 12 countries, and her tenure as a bespoke advocate of the call center industry gives her a unique perspective on how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic from a leadership point of view.

Her team leads projects that help Contact Center reconsider their business model in order to get better results, better company culture and better team-work. She joined Christian Montes for the 4th episode of our First Contact: Stories of the Call Center podcast to discuss employee experience, mindset and crisis leadership, business continuity and other insights from a consultant’s point of view.

“Everybody has been scrambling to set that up and get into that work at home mode. Clearly, those that already have gone into cloud technology and already had outside access set up for some element of work at home prior to this made that transition smoother than others.”

Christa Heibel, CEO of CH Consulting Group about the remote-work business decision

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NobelBiz launched its podcast series to promote stories of the people that are shaping the contact center world. In each episode, Christian Montes will be joined by CEOs of different companies to discuss the behind-the-business stories and the journey of leaders of today.

“Call Centers have a wide range of positions to staff. It’s a hard work industry requiring flexibility and capability. Often, it can be confrontational. It’s a hot cooker where leaders rise to the top. Everyone starts in the same place and management comes out of that group. Make no mistake, it’s intense”

Christian Montes. Director of Sales at NobelBiz and Host of First Contact

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