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                                                    GCOM PROVIDES CO-BROWSING FOR IMPROVED CX

Newton, NJ, February 24, 2020.  GCOM Worldwide announced today a new partnership with Surfly to provide call centers the ability for collaborative browsing. Called co-browsing, it is simply two or more people accessing the same web page at the same time. Co-browsing allows agents and customers to interact with each other for improving sales and customer service. Just a click of a button and agents can view and interact with customers’ web browsers. Agents only see the pages that have been enabled with co-browse. Any other browser tabs or open applications on a customer’s computer are secure.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands Surfly provides co-browsing innovation to the customer experience. Its’ fully documented API is straightforward and simple to integrate. No software or configuration needed. Runs on all devices and can be customized. Companies like Scandinavian Airlines and Vodafone are finding co-browsing with Surfly secure and easy to use. 

John Ruby, President and CEO of GCOM Worldwide stated, “We are very pleased with our new working partnership with Surfly. Co-browsing is user friendly and much more flexible and secure than screen sharing.”

Brian Reijngoud, VP Sales for Surfly said, “GCOM Worldwide has extensive experience and expertise in the call center industry. They’ll be able to show call centers how Surfly can greatly improve company’s customer experience.”

The new working relationship between GCOM and Surfly will help company’s call center leadership take their customer experience to a new level.


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