Hello PACE Members,

I hope you and your family, along with everyone at your organization, is safe and healthy. We want you to know that during this time of uncertainty and rapid change, that we are here thinking about your business and want to add value to the industry and YOUR future.

PACE has been doing our best to assist members in this difficult time. We have identified some of our members, who have available capacity in their contact centers or via their work-at-home agent process.

Additionally, if you need help with technology, consultative solutions or equipment, PACE has compiled a listing of those companies too.  Both lists are updated weekly and links to these organizations, can be found on the PACE website.

PACE is taking the lead on providing information on compliance issues, specific to COVID-19 regulations. We are also increasing the amount of valuable information on topics that focus on operations, compliance and other important subjects, through a variety of webinars, during the next couple of months.

You should have recently received a call from our Interim Executive Director, Christa Heibel. In January this year, we contracted with Christa to engage in an overall association assessment on our effectiveness, role in the marketplace and strategic vision for the future, that would help our board of directors and staff move the organization forward. PACE offers the industry many unique and critical benefits – perhaps even more than what you might be aware of – along with a strong desire to define our future based on business needs, goals and what would best support you and your organization.

In an effort to finalize PACE’s future path, with the best strategy for all of our members, we would love you for you to have an open and honest conversation with Christa, about your experience and goals, so that PACE’s future strategy can better align with yours.  The link below will give you access to Christa’s calendar. Appointments are scheduled in 30-minute increments.  If you feel like you need more or less time, that is absolutely fine.

In this time of uncertainty, it is not overly dramatic to say that the state of our economy is in an extremely sensitive and unprecedented space. It is also fair to stay, that these last 6 weeks has shown that the contact center industry is, in many ways, the backbone of commerce in the United States and around the globe.  It is the communication hub for organizations and how they communicate with consumers/their clients. PACE wants to continue to be relevant, helpful and a resource to you and your organization.  We truly hope that you will take time to schedule a meeting with Christa, so we have a clear understanding of how we can best assist you and your organization.

Click on this link – https://calendly.com/christaheibel/30min  – to schedule a time yourself or feel free to reach out to Christa directly at ChristaH@thechcg.com or 218-286-4006.

If you do not feel that you are the right person in your organization to have this type of discussion with Christa, please forward to the person(s) that would be best suited to do so.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.  We appreciate you and your continued support of PACE.  Take care and stay healthy.



Chris Haerich