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Service with a smile. And a brain.

Face it. Customers are fickle. Even yours. They may love you today, but if you fail to give them what they’re looking for, they’ll find an endless array of other options to take your place.

Not so with ThinkOwl.

And we help businesses build, grow and maintain a devoted customer base. Our customer service platform works in perfect harmony with your customer service team. Agents use ThinkOwl intel to work smarter and find solutions faster. ThinkOwl analyses agent behavior to adapt and handle cases more effectively. It’s a system of reciprocal intelligence : the powerful combination of human and machine learning.

And it doesn’t end there.

ThinkOwl compiles data from every single customer interaction and figures out what it all means. When all the numbers are crunched, you’ll know exactly what your customers love, hate, want and need today. You could even anticipate what they’ll ask for tomorrow. That’s how you make people stay in love with your business. And how you make your business stay, well, in business.


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37 North Orange Avenue, Suite 910L Orlando FL 32801 United States

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