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Contact: Dean Garfinkel
Headquarters 102 Grant Street Aurora NE 68818 United States Work Phone: (888) 656-5111 Website: Quality Voice & Data


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Call Center Telecom Technology

We are the largest provider of Local Caller ID telephone numbers to the industry. Our numbers include Caller Name Display storage and 7-point quality check. New telephone numbers are provisioned in 15 minutes or less. We also provide SMS text solutions that integrate with CRMs and dialer platforms. Our text service includes a web TextDesk™ and API’s designed for Customer Service or Inside Sales Agents who own their work flow. We can text enable any telephone number without the need to port. We also offer a standalone Compliance Phone for Non-ATDS dialing, backed by a 288-page opinion letter.

Local Caller ID

Gain a local presence through local telephone numbers to use as Local Caller ID for target markets to ensure proper caller name delivery and increased answer rates for the contact center.

The Compliance Phone

A non-Automated Telephone Dialing System (Non-ATDS) device that can be used to call wireless/cellular telephones in accordance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulation and backed by a 288 page opinion letter by Michele Shuster.

TextDesk Platform

Text enabled any number, whether the customer service phone number or individual agent DIDs. Send/receive text messages using a web application, APIs or through your existing email.

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102 Grant Street Aurora NE 68818 United States

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