Call Center Optimization Group LLC

Contact: Doug Deker, President
Headquarters 9 Stafford Court Sterling VA 20165 United States Work Phone: 1-888-650-5880 Website:


Call Center Optimization Group was developed to aid businesses with their contact center operations. Whether large or small, your contact center is the heartbeat of your company’s customer experience and a critical component to your brand. We have over 50 years of experience improving service performance and optimizing ROI for fortune 500 companies.  Our consulting team leverages our powerful “CCOG Method”, a collaborative and data driven approach, in order to drive performance improvement and improved ROI for all of our clients. Our contact center match making service leverages our vast BPO partner network to find the perfect fit for our clients choosing to outsource.



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9 Stafford Court Sterling VA 20165 United States

Categories: Consultants, Domestic Contact Centers, Near Shore Contact Centers, Offshore Contact Centers