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Contact: Alan Pottkotter, Chief Operating Officer
Headquarters 126 E Constance Ave Santa Barbara CA 93105 United States Work Phone: 8552584972 Website:


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BenchmarkPortal is your source for Contact Center Benchmarking, Certification, Training and Consulting. Since its beginnings in 1995 at Purdue University, BenchmarkPortal has grown with the contact center industry and now hosts the world’s largest call center metrics database. Led by Bruce Belfiore, the BenchmarkPortal team of professionals has gained international recognition for its expertise and innovative approaches to Best Practices for the call center industry.
Our mission is to help customer contact managers in all sectors to optimize their centers in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Join our community today.

Contact Center Benchmarking
Center Certification
Training for all levels of Contact Center Professional (in-person and on-demand)
Contact Center Assessments
Contact Center Industry Reports
Call Center White Papers, Research and Webinars


Bruce, Belfiore, Chief Executive Officer,

(855) 229-0829

Michael, Feinberg, Sales Manager,

(443) 552-7510

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126 E Constance Ave Santa Barbara CA 93105 United States

Categories: Consultants, Domestic Contact Centers, Inbound Customer Service, Market Research Surveys, Near Shore Contact Centers, Off Shore Contact Centers, QA Services, Training Services, Work Force Management, Company Services