Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) is one of the largest outsourced B2B telemarketing vendors in the PACE membership.  QCS owners, Dean & Angela Garfinkel, along with a large team of professionals ensure every client program achieves the established goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In addition, the QCS team boasts a deep bench of telemarketing compliance experts, including two Consumer Engagement Compliance Professionals (CECP) and an SRO auditor.   QCS is also a PCI level 1 since 2013.

Our specialty is sales; Telesales, Inside sales, Existing customer cross-sell, Lead generation, Sales lead qualification and Appointment setting.

At different times over the last 10 years, both Dean and Angela have each received the coveted PACE Fulcrum and Foundation awards. Angela served on the Central Chapter Board and Dean served on the Nation Board and served as PACE Treasurer.

Angela Garfinkel

Dean Garfinkel