Infinity is a forward-thinking customer engagement and sales agency powered by our internal revenue system, Buyerlytics®. We help our clients get customers and keep customers, by providing world class customer service, inbound/outbound sales, lead-generation, account management and retention work. Our portfolio is vast and we are industry agnostic, but do have a wealth of experience in the medical industry, technology, software, automotive and digital marketing, just to name a few. Since being founded in 1996, we have adapted and grown with the ever-changing landscape our industry demands, and now have two locations in the Midwest and the ability for our agents to work from home, where applicable. With over 20 years of experience, Infinity’s expertise in bringing our clients’ revenue to the “New 100%” makes us the perfect partner for any industry. We take a consultative approach to learn about our clients’ pain points and turn them into strengths.

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Phone: 941.228.3023