BBC Technology Solutions is an IT hardware provider that specializes in providing high quality, certified pre-owned business class computer equipment and IT Lifecycle Solutions. Founded by Michael Sutter in 2009, BBC delivers long-term IT hardware solutions, from initial investment to asset liquidation, using strategies to ensure companies’ needs are being utilized and costs minimized.   BBC partners with its’ clients to analyze their current IT asset implementation and create strategies for improvement with refurbished business class IT hardware.  Whether going through a technology refresh, expansion, or both, customer contact centers can rely on BBC to deliver IT hardware that is ready-to-go upon delivery, ensuring that companies can benefit from improved engagement, productivity, and avoided maintenance costs.

From improving the performance and efficiency of systems to lowering direct and indirect costs, BBC has helped hundreds of companies maximize their IT hardware investment while minimizing the IT hardware costs.   BBC’s services include company imaging, Microsoft ® licensing, computer refurbishment, asset liquidation, data eradication, buyback programs, and instant, on-site replacement programs.  Current clients report saving an average of 50% on their annual IT budget, and most importantly, BBC supports the creation of a sustainable technology lifecycle that benefits all.

BBC’s dedication to one-on-one personal client relationships and their drive to be efficient, flexible, and quick has made them of the preferred IT hardware vendors for customer contact centers across North America for the last decade.

Michael Sutter, Founder and CEO