ERC is an agile, results-driven contact center that specializes in managing every part of the customer lifecycle, from customer acquisition to customer care to tech support to recovery and collections. Founded in 1999 by Kirk Moquin and Mark Thompson, ERC has gone from being a small firm specializing in recovery and collections to a company with thousands of employees and offices across four continents, capable of handling any customer service needs. ERC’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to building relationships are the reasons that the company is the customer solution provider of choice for so many Fortune 500 companies.

From the very beginning, ERC has been able to connect clients with unrivaled talent and technology, thanks to the company’s continued investment in both developing local workforces and implementing the latest technological breakthroughs. Whether in Orange Park or Durban, every ERC employee has access to comprehensive training and benefits, as well as high-tech tools to help them carry out their jobs effectively.

ERC has been in the BPO and recovery business for almost two decades, and it’s this experience that informs every decision the company makes. ERC does not compromise on quality, and is dedicated to providing the best results and the highest value possible to its clients.

PACE Member Since 2018.  ERC’s SVP of Client Solutions is Drew Allen (pictured).  He can be reached at