March, 2020

CSG provides organizations with the platforms and processes needed to deliver an “amazon like” experience to their customers. Delivering personalized, relevant, and timely communications in a customer’s channel of choice has never been easier. Journey analytics and orchestration, conversational artificial intelligence, combined with next-generation content editing tools, and an [...]

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February, 2020

Contact Center 411 is an innovative CX consulting firm focused on helping call centers, help desks and BPOs optimize their customer-focused operations across many industries including Travel & Hospitality, Business services, Healthcare and Public Sector ACE Member: Since 2018 Representative: Brian Golden Title: Partner

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January, 2020

LiveVox is the only one-stop-shop for true omnichannel engagement that unifies modern channels, CRM, and WFO functionality into a single cloud customer engagement platform. Facilitating over 14B interactions annually, LiveVox makes omnichannel easy by unifying all conversations and interactions in one place. Founded in 2000, LiveVox is headquartered in [...]

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December, 2019

There’s a distinct goal for every customer contact — whether it’s solving a problem, providing information, making a sale or something else altogether. Arming your contact center with the best, most advanced tools puts you in the right position to achieve those goals. That’s why Noble Solutions came to [...]

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November, 2019

Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and do better work. We are used by over 3 million learners at more than 900 leading companies including Trunk Club, Ibotta, U.S. Cellular, and Zendesk to share knowledge, develop skills, and reinforce best practices. The result is [...]

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October, 2019

Etech Global Services is a global leader of customer engagement solutions serving some of the world’s most trusted brands. Etech is trusted with their most precious assets- their customers. Why? Because Etech honors commitments and delivers; the result is measurably changing behavior while driving business growth and profitability through solutions that engage millions of customers each [...]

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September, 2019

Since 1978, Gatestone & Co. has been providing Customer Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to a variety of markets globally. We offer ten fully-integrated multilingual Contact Center facilities operating 24/7 x 365, located in North America, Latin America and Asia. We have made tremendous investment in [...]

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August, 2019

Interactions with clients or customers are key to an organization’s success. NGNCloudComm – Grupo NGN's flagship product - supports the powerful opportunities of proactive customer connections maintaining a 360-degree view of them, helping you be more responsive, efficient and customer focused while maintaining a superior inbound and blended experience [...]

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July, 2019

Congratulations to Corporate Advisory Solutions,LLC (CAS), our July Member Spotlight. Every month, PACE highlights a member who provides exemplary service and positively impacts the contact center industry. CAS provides merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory (both sell-side and buy-side representation), market research/intelligence, fair market valuation/fairness opinion, capital raising and business plan [...]

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June, 2019

Fidelum Partners is a research-based consulting and data analytics firm specializing in customer and agent loyalty insights, strategies and results.  We take pride in building lasting relationships with our clients and keep their best interests at the forefront of everything we do. Our breakthrough HUMAN Brand customer and agent [...]

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May, 2019

United Nearshore Operations (UNO) is a global BPO and Call Center company providing award winning services in multiple languages since its launch in 2004. UNO currently holds 70% of the local contact center market share in Santiago, Dominican Republic; making it the largest and most stable call center service [...]

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April, 2019

Accelerating supervisor training with the world’s only virtual blended learning academy for emerging and existing contact center supervisors. Follow our Supervisor Success Path and rapidly develop leadership skills with our blended learning system of a Community of Practice (CoP), boot camps, industry insight webinars, micro-learning, elearning, and certification. Jim [...]

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February, 2019

BBC Technology Solutions is an IT hardware provider that specializes in providing high quality, certified pre-owned business class computer equipment and IT Lifecycle Solutions. Founded by Michael Sutter in 2009, BBC delivers long-term IT hardware solutions, from initial investment to asset liquidation, using strategies to ensure companies’ needs are [...]

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January, 2019

Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) is one of the largest outsourced B2B telemarketing vendors in the PACE membership.  QCS owners, Dean & Angela Garfinkel, along with a large team of professionals ensure every client program achieves the established goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition, the QCS [...]

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December, 2018

ERC is an agile, results-driven contact center that specializes in managing every part of the customer lifecycle, from customer acquisition to customer care to tech support to recovery and collections. Founded in 1999 by Kirk Moquin and Mark Thompson, ERC has gone from being a small firm specializing in [...]

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November, 2018

Infutor Data Solutions is the expert in Consumer Identity Management. We are 100% focused on enabling brands to instantly know what they need to about consumers, exactly when they need it. With deep experience building and linking elite, trusted data sources, Infutor is a specialist in delivering solutions that [...]

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October, 2018

Since 2005, NobleBiz has innovated award-winning cloud solutions, performance-based routing, and data aggregation on a business reporting platform that reduces call frequency and improves contact rates. Together with our extraordinary customer service, NobelBiz has earned a solid reputation across the US and abroad. Named one of the “20 Most Promising [...]

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September, 2018

Aureon Contact Center™ is an Iowa-based Contact Center company that specializes in creating and managing first class customer experiences.  We have been providing help desk, technical support and customer service to a wide variety of industries for more than 20 years.  With our omnichannel solution, we offer inbound and [...]

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August, 2018

As Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Owner of Infinity, Tom Leidigh understands what it takes to build an award-winning inside sales and service agency. As a recognized leader in inside sales execution and methodologies, Tom’s primary focus is on industry leadership, expansion strategies, channel relationships and new company capabilities. [...]

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